ASPIRE is dedicated to providing resources and support for individuals on the autism spectrum. We are committed to advocating for autism research, to increasing public awareness, and to providing services within the Upper Valley for children with autism and their families. It is our goal to improve the lives of those affected by autism and to give these special people a reason to hope... to dream... to aspire.

The primary focus of the organization will be a weekly playgroup program for young children with autism (ages 4-7). Dartmouth students will volunteer on Saturday afternoons from 1-3PM at the Hampshire Cooperative Nursery School. Through sensory integration, arts and crafts, puzzles, music, group games, cooking, and circle time, the playgroup aims to enhance communication skills and foster positive social interactions among children living with autism.  Volunteers also run a swim group each Friday during the academic year at the Upper Valley Aquatics Center. 

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