Special Programs & Events Committee (SPEC)

Special Programs and Events Committee

For more information, visit: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~sao/SPEC.html

The Special Programs and Events Committee (SPEC) is the agency responsible for allocating financial assistance for any programs or events of all college recognized undergraduate student organizations requiring $5000 or more.  SPEC encourages a high degree of organizational and financial responsibility in student organizations by providing a continuing repository of experience and knowledge to changing student memberships, as well as continuing administrative assistance especially concerning finances.SPEC consists of voting members from all organizations represented on the Undergraduate Finance Committee and a representative of the Undergraduate Finance Committee as the non-voting chair.  The Committee is advised by Anna Hall Collis Center for Student Involvement.

Chair Ayda Ramadan '13
Vice Chair Alex Judson '14

The Funding Process
Forms are DUE at least 3 weeks prior to event, by noon on Fridays.  Turn in forms to Collis 303.
Step 1.
  • Plan your event, and calculate your budget.
Step 2.
  • Apply for SPEC funds if your total budget is $5,000 or more.
Note: events over $5000 are NO LONGER eligible for co-sponsorship funding from COSO, PB, SA, CGB, or GLC.
  • Forms are DUE in Collis 303 by noon on Fridays.  The following Tuesday you will present your proposal to SPEC.  You will be contacted with their decision immediately.
Step 3.
  • Return the event review form and all event receipts to the Collis Center for Student Involvement Office by noon on the Friday following your event.

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