The Dartmouth Rockapellas are an all-female a capella group from Dartmouth College. Since 1989, the Rocks have entertained audiences with our exciting repertoire of popular music and our freedom songs.

Freedom songs are one thing that really sets the Rockapellas apart from other a cappella groups. We choose and sing these songs because they represent and convey a message of social justice our group finds important! We sing at least one freedom song per show, often more on request.

The Rocks currently consist of 15 women with diverse passions and interests who hail from all over the country. We perform on and off campus, and tour around the US and beyond. Write to us if you are interested in having the Rocks at your event or want to snag one of our CDs!

Upcoming Shows:
Senior Show: May 24th, 10 pm at Tabard
Sing Out: June 8th, 2 pm

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Musical Director 2012-2013: Reese Ramponi 
Business Management: Anoush Arakelian, Emma Orme
Tour Management: Ali Oberg

Email us at <login to see email address>

Or check out our website at

Or our youtube channel! Lots of great videos of us at

Our newest CD, Live Free, is now available! If you'd like to purchase one, see any Rockapella on campus or send us an email!

Our older CD, Testimony, is also still available on our website and on campus! Listen to some clips from those songs on our website here:

Current Members:
Danielle Baez '12
Emily Freebairn '12 (Musical Director 2011-2012)
Adelaide Giornelli '12
Patricia Lee '12
Emily Liu '12

Maia Matsushita '13
Alison Oberg '13 
Reese Ramponi '13 (Musical Director 2012-2013)
Annie Rendall '13

Anoush Arakelian '14
Steffi Ostrowski '14
Vicky Stein '14
Crystal Ye '14

Charli Fool-Bear '15 
Jamie Mercado '15 
Emma Orme '15 
Meredith Shaw '15 

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