Programming Board (PB)


Programming Board is a Dartmouth Student Run organization that works to create social events on campus. Most events are free and open to the campus.

Concerts and Special Events

Programming board brings a variety of concerts to the Dartmouth college campus each year, booking both large and small-named bands and musical talent. We also provide free T-shirts tie-dying events, inflatables for block parties, ice-skating nights, movie nights, casino nights, Bingo with great prizes, BBQs, trips to Canada (Quebec) as well as a variety of other trips and events such as PB Pub Nights. We compensate half the ticket price for students at the Nugget Theater and collaborate with a variety of other organizations on campus. Programming Board prides itself on its large impact and contribution to Dartmouth campus life. Membership is open to all Dartmouth undergraduate students.


Programming Board meets Mondays at 3pm in Collis 101.


Learn how to get involved at
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